JEON SOMI To Release Debut Studio Album, “XOXO”

JEON SOMI has been in the music industry for a few years now and for the past two, has been actively promoting as a soloist. Excitingly, it was confirmed that the idol will be releasing her debut studio album titled, “XOXO.” The full-length album will include eight tracks, with some of her previously released singles as well as new songs that feature collaborations with artists like GIRIBOY and Pink Sweat$. SOMI was involved with the creative process for all of the tracks and predominantly wrote the lyrics for her songs, “Watermelon” and “Outta My Head (어질어질).” She will also be holding a special on Naver NOW in anticipation for the release, where SOMI will be having performances, Q&A, and play games with her fans. “XOXO” is set to drop on October 29!

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