Nadine Lustre Releases Emotional Ballad “Wait For Me”

Nadine Lustre’s most recent release, “Wait for Me,” will undoubtedly put you in your feels! The pop/R&B track is about letting go after a breakup and working on oneself through the pain. Nadine was able to show her colors with this song as she delved into telling the story of the lyrics, which she did flawlessly with the final execution. “Wait for Me” was dropped ahead of Nadine’s birthday on all music streaming sites with the release of the official music video afterwards. The track was written by Antonio Cuna, Bekah Novi and Dewain Whitmore, while it was produced by Sweater Beats and Marcus Davis. It’s been said that this song will be the last release prior to a musical hiatus as she prepares to shoot her next film. Stay tuned for more news on Nadine’s upcoming projects. Check out the official music video for “Wait for Me” down below!

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