JAGMAC Release New Single “We Found Love”

Our favorite sibling group, JAGMAC, recently released their newest single, “We Found Love” and we’re obsessed! The track provides a light and happy feeling of falling in love and was inspired by the beauty and lifestyle of Miami, Florida. JAGMAC shared that this song was “written and produced in the heart of South Florida and is a love story that everyone can relate to!” “We Found Love” showcases each member’s vocal range and ability to tell a beautiful story through the way they perfectly executed their individual parts which makes the listeners further relate to the song. Jared, Angelique, Gabriel, Manjo, Alyssa and CJ are currently in Los Angeles after successfully wrapping up their live concert held at The Mint over the weekend. The group shared with Arambulo Live that they will be releasing a Christmas song soon and an album early next year that we’re sure many are looking forward to! Stay tuned for more updates on JAGMAC and check out the official audio to “We Found Love” below!


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