Ashley Liao And Ross Butler To Star In “Loveboat, Taipei”

Ashley Liao and Ross Butler are all set to star in the upcoming film, Loveboat, Taipei, a romance film based on Abigail Hing Wen’s New York Times bestselling novel of the same name. The exciting project from ACE Entertainment and 1 Productions Film Co. follows the story of Ever Wong (Ashley Liao) who goes on a surprise trip given by her parents to Taipei for a cultural immersion program, where she discovers that she wasn’t signed up for homework and history lessons, but instead for a summer long “Loveboat.” Ever finds herself trying to not fall for two attractive but wildly different boys who are vying for her attention, while trying to find the courage to defy her parents’ high expectations and pursue her true passion: dancing. Ross Butler is set to play the handsome Rick Woo, nicknamed “Boy Wonder,” and is a prodigy in both sports and academics and has yet to meet his match – until he meets Ever. Nico Hiraga and Chelsea Zhang are also a part of the main cast as they will be starring as Xavier Yeh and Sophie, respectively. The cast have just touched down in Taiwan and for safety protocols, will undergo a 2 week quarantine prior to filming. Stay tuned for more information on Loveboat, Taipei!

Photo: Ross Butler (IG)

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