Belle Mariano Shares Her First Full-Length Album, “Daylight”

Belle Mariano is undoubtedly one of the brightest, shining stars in the industry right now and after the success of her acting projects, has ventured into the world of music with the release of her debut full-length album, “Daylight.” The album includes seven songs: “Sigurado,” “For Your Eyes Only,” “Tanging Dahilan,” “With You,” “Rainy Days,” “Rise,” and “Nights of December.” For Belle’s fanbase and following, the track “Sigurado” is probably a familiar one as it was released back in May as a soundtrack for her hit show “He’s Into Her,” and was written by hit songwriter, Trisha Denise. Another track Trish wrote on Belle’s album is called “For Your Eyes Only,” which will be on the official soundtrack for “Love Is Color Blind,” a film that Belle will be starring in alongside her loveteam partner, Donny Pangilinan, set to be released on December 10. On that note, the official trailer for the film was recently shared and you can check that out below! In regards to the release of her debut album, Belle shared, “The goal for ‘Daylight’ is to be a source of inspiration with bright and colorful songs to help ease trying times. I want to be someone who gives color. We need something light. I want to be authentic and legitimate.” “Daylight” is now available on all music streaming platforms!

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