R&B Singer GSoul Drops First-Ever English EP

R&B Singer/Songwriter, GSoul, is back and with new incredible music! The South Korean artist has just released his first-ever English EP via Warner Music Korea and is ready to showcase his personal growth in his artistry after experiencing depression due to the pandemic. GSoul found strength and inspiration from his fans to continue creating music and dedicates this new body of work to them! The EP titled “Natural” includes five tracks: “Natural,” “By My Side,” “Free (I’m Gonna Be),” “Another Day,” and “Natural (Korean Ver.)”.

The title track, “Natural,” as well as the Korean version, compares his struggles and loyalty in a relationship to natural forces, “relying on the organic and instinctive bonds that tie us together,” even singing the lines, “I’d run through the storm to get to you right now. It’s so natural to love you.” – a track that will make you melt just by listening to GSoul’s soothing voice! Along with the song, a music video was also released, showcasing beautiful shots of nature, a symbol of his love and what form in nature it takes. You can check out the official visual for “Natural” down below!

“By My Side” will definitely be a favorite off of the EP as it has a catchy beat and strong vocals. The track “gives his fans a story on his loyalty to a love and how it’s changed him for the better in a very impactful way.” Baring his true emotions in a piece that many can relate to, “Free (I’m Gonna Be)” expresses his desire to escape his self-doubt and not settle for less. “I’m trying to be free from me, no more keeping myself hostage from my own self” is what GSoul sings on the track, with the listener undoubtedly feeling the pain and struggle coming from behind his voice. “Another Day” is the most upbeat song on the EP that has a touch of jazz with various instruments included in the music. “The lyrics tell the story of GSoul praying to get love from a significant other and being able to reach this person even if it’s not real.”

In regards to the release of his EP, GSoul shared: “What I love about my fans is that they get me like foreal foreal even when I’m silent. This project really is my message to my fans about how much I love them and how I’ve been. I think I used to just write and make music for me hoping someone would hear me. I just hope my fans feel my love for them from this project as much as I always feel their love and support. I’m so grateful.” GSoul’s EP “Natural” is now available to listen to on all music streaming platforms!

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