Lay Zhang Releases Special Song For Fans, “Bee With You”

Known as the ultimate idol who has garnered fans worldwide because of his music, visuals and talents, Lay Zhang is giving back all of the love they’ve shown him over the past 9 nine years of his career since his debut with K-Pop mega-group, EXO. In his new single, “Bee With You,” Lay participated in writing the lyrics and its composition hoping to convey his emotions and feelings to his fans. The track features catchy instrumentals and beats and includes a flawless fusion of English and Mandarin lyrics. For the release, Lay took to Twitter and shared, “This song is dedicated to my fans. I will be forever grateful for your support. Thank you for everything and I hope we can accompany each other on this journey.” The music phenom has had an incredibly busy year with the release of his EP, “East,” back in October as well as his fifth studio album, “Producer,” which was dropped in February. Lay also made headlines a few months ago as he made his long-awaited return to EXO with his participation in the group’s special album, “Don’t Fight The Feeling.” Check out the visualizer for “Bee With You” down below and make sure to add the track to your playlists!

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