SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan And DK To Perform A Special Duet Stage At The 2021 KBS Song Festival

All of SEVENTEEN are outstanding in vocals, performance, rap, visuals, variety and more – they have it all! The group’s main vocals though, will have their moment to shine on the 2021 KBS Song Festival stage. KBS announced that SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan and DK are set to sing a duet for the show, where the duo will have the chance to showcase their powerful voices, also known to be some of the strongest vocals in the industry today. DK not only proved just how amazing his voice is, but also how well he can act, as he played the lead role of King Arthur in the musical, “Excalibur.” Seungkwan, on the other hand, is not only high in-demand to guest on tons of variety shows, but he’s also one of the most requested to sing on OST’s for dramas. He has already lent his voice to popular dramas such as “Record of Youth,” “Lovestruck in the City,” and “Hospital Playlist 2,” in which he sang alongside fellow SEVENTEEN members, DK and Woozi.

Another exciting and special stage that was announced by KBS includes an incredible girl group collaboration and will feature nine members from six of the top girl groups in 2021. While the specific nine members have not been named yet, they will come from the girl groups: Red Velvet, Oh My Girl, Brave Girls, ITZY, STAYC and IVE. To promote positivity and strength, they will be putting on a special performance of Girls’ Generation’s “Way to Go.”

The 2021 KBS Song Festival is set for December 17th and will be hosted by ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo, AOA’s Seolhyun and SF9’s Rowoon. The performances include a hefty lineup of global superstars such as: Red Velvet, SEVENTEEN, ASTRO, TXT, Stray Kids, ITZY, THE BOYZ, ENHYPEN, NU’EST, NCT U, SF9, aespa, Kang Daniel, Sunmi, Brave Girls, STAYC, Oh My Girl, IVE, Lee Mujin and Kim Woo Seok.

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