BTS Have Their Own Crosswalk Concert On “The Late Late Show With James Corden”

If you’re looking to have a good laugh, The Late Late Show With James Corden’s most recent upload featuring BTS is what you need to watch! After the incredible success of their concerts at the SoFi Stadium, the mega-group took to the streets of Los Angeles to perform for the late night show’s “Crosswalk Concert” segment. The almost 10-minute video starts off with James prepping the band about playing “the biggest venue of your life” and proceeds to show them the crosswalk, in the middle of rush hour! V responds by saying, “James, that is not a venue, that is a crosswalk.” The rest of the video features hilarious commentary by the members who disagreed with James in Korean but responded to him with smiles, thumbs ups and head nods. RM even jokingly said, “we just performed for 50,000 people and now we’re performing next to a gas station.” Even after the all of the hesitation, BTS had the best time as they performed their hit songs, “Butter,” “Permission To Dance,” and “Dynamite,” to the cars stuck in traffic, complete with various costumes, back-up dancers and props – including fireworks! If you look closely, BTS showed their true characters in this video as they also helped the staff and crew with moving and carrying their props off of the crosswalk before the lights turned green. Despite the amount of fame and success attached to the BTS name, we love that the members continue to stay humble and down to earth!

RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook are currently on their extended vacation which will allow the members to have their much needed and well-deserved rest time, as well as be able to spend the holidays with their families and loved ones for the first time since their debut in 2013! After their jam-packed schedules in Los Angeles, Jin, Jimin and Jungkook flew back to Korea while j-hope and V vacationed in Hawaii, RM toured multiple museums and art locations in various parts of the U.S. and with SUGA quietly enjoying his time off in America as well. Currently, SUGA is the only member known to still be in the U.S. for his vacation. Their company, BIG HIT MUSIC, also announced that during their extended vacation, BTS will also be working on a new era of music with an upcoming album in 2022. Stay tuned for more updates and check out “BTS Crosswalk Concert” video down below!

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