P1Harmony Announces Comeback With “DISHARMONY: FIND OUT”

P1Harmony is gearing up for new music and it’s going to be a powerful return! The group announced that they will be making a comeback with their third mini-album titled “DISHARMONY: FIND OUT” set to be released on January 3rd. Along with the announcement, a teaser schedule was also shared which includes a handful of exciting sneak peeks to be released over the next few days, such as: an opening photo prologue, concept photo, MV teasers, the highlight medley and two other surprises titled “Do It Like This (With?)” and a “P-Side Track Video,” which we’re sure P1ECE are very excited to see! “DISHARMONY: FIND OUT” will be the group’s first comeback since April 2021 when they dropped their mini-album, “”DISHARMONY: BREAK OUT” – looks like we’ll be getting a continuation of the story the “DISHARMONY” series tells! Check out the teaser schedule below as well as individual teasers released by FNC Entertainment for W+W (Welcome to +WORLD)! Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting P1Harmony comeback!

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