Woosung And BM Cruise Through LA In Official Visualizer For “CWS”

Woosung and BM cruise through Los Angeles in the official visualizer for their track, “CWS”. The real-life besties teamed up for the song which is featured on Woosung’s first full-length solo album, “Genre,” a piece that includes seven songs, all of which Woosung was involved in as he participated in the writing, composition and arrangements. The official visualizer for “CWS,” which also stands for California West Side, shows Woosung and BM cruising through LA in a pink convertible while the lyrics of the song appear all around them. As they venture through the city, you’ll be able to see little easter eggs in the background such as actual photos of the two, both of whom grew up in Los Angeles, California! Starting off in front of a green screen, the duo ends up at the beach in real life as they have fun starting a bonfire while singing amidst a gorgeous sunset. Take a listen to the cool, laid-back track, as well as the rest of “Genre,” available now on all music streaming platforms!

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