pH-1 Releases Emotional Track “Lately” Featuring Hoody

Korean-American artist pH-1 has just released a new digital single titled, “Lately,” a special collaboration with singer/songwriter, Hoody. The soulful R&B track was co-written by the two artists and brings a dreamy sound with emotional and heartbreaking lyrics. pH-1 flawlessly weaves between singing and soft rap, further adding to the experience of the rollercoaster of emotions the story brings. The visual accompaniment for the song shows the difficulties a couple go through after ending their relationship, highlighting the phases of reality, nostalgia, regret and contemplation. The interesting aspect of the music video is how we see the relationship in rewind, edited to include various montages of the couple’s good and bad times, with clips of pH-1 inserted in between. Hoody’s verse tops off the track perfectly and brings another point-of-view and vibe to the song, almost paralleled to the story relationship featured in the music video. “Lately” is the comeback collaboration project for pH-1 and Hoody, following their 2018 single “Communicate” (Prod. WOOGIE). Check out the music video below and make sure to add “Lately” to your playlist, available on all streaming platforms now!

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