The Rose Makes Surprise Comeback With “Beauty And The Beast”

The Rose has surprised us all with a comeback for their latest single, “Beauty and the Beast.” This release is the first after two years, and was recorded/filmed prior to the mandatory enlistment of members Dojoon, Hajoon and Jaehyeong. The music video that accompanies the track is a stunning visual, and while it of course, follows the classic story of Beauty and the Beast, it further dives into the love that comes in different forms and the beauty that true love brings. The visual also shows the members in fancy outfits as they play in a dimly lit room under a chandelier. In true The Rose fashion, the vocals and instruments on this track sound outstanding and powerful, and is truly the perfect way for the group to return with new music for their Black Roses (name of The Rose’s fanbase.) “Beauty and the Beast” is the last track to be released under the group’s agency, J&Star Company, as they have announced that the contract between the two entities has come to an end. “The contract will be terminated after the new song, according to a mutual agreement between both sides. We would like to thank the fans for loving The Rose.” Currently, Woosung is promoting as a solo artist and most recently released his first full digital album, “Genre.” We look forward to seeing what The Rose, as a group and as individual members, will release in the future!

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