P1Harmony Releases “DISHARMONY: FIND OUT” + Becomes Group’s Highest-Selling Album In First Week

Photo: FNC Entertainment

P1Harmony is back with new music and is kicking off the new year the right way! Keeho, Jiung, Theo, Intak, Soul and Jongseob have just released their third mini-album, “DISHARMONY: FIND OUT,” making this their first comeback in eight months, following their second mini-album, “DISHARMONY: BREAK OUT.” The members stated in their recent press conference that “DISHARMONY: FIND OUT” will be the last installment and will wrap up the “Disharmony” trilogy. The latest album shows the group’s growth, despite having debuted in October of 2020. From the strength in vocals to the polished choreography, the maturity in their music style and their confidence, P1Harmony is definitely a force to be reckoned with and a group to keep your eye on.

“Do It Like This” is the title track off of the latest album and will have you dancing in no time! The music video to the track reflects the addictive beat and has even started a trend on TikTok following the key choreography – you can check out the official music video down below. “Follow Me” is a song about living in the moment and notes all of the group’s members as lyricists and composers. “That’$ Money,” “Bop” and “Before the Dawn,” all show powerful vocals and instrumentals as they sing about living life to the fullest and not being afraid of the darkness that may come about (in relation to “Before the Dawn”.) Our personal favorite, “Peacemaker,” is more of a vibey track and is specially dedicated to their ever-supportive fanbase – P1ece.

The album’s theme continues to revolve around “+WORLD,” a place where “an individual’s most unique quality of personal characteristic gets interpreted into a supernatural ability.” The group has said that it’s a universe in which their plan to branch out into future albums and music as well. Since the release of “DISHARMONY: FIND OUT,” it has been confirmed that the album is officially the group’s highest-selling first week album sales, garnering over 41k copies and ranking No. 2 on the Hanteo Daily Chart. Listen to the incredible album here and here. Congratulations, P1Harmony!

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