SB19’s Pablo Surprises Fans With Release Of Emotional Untitled Track

SB19’s Pablo doesn’t only take on the responsibilities of being the group’s leader, but he has also cemented his status in the group and industry as one of the best songwriters among this generation! In a new video posted to his YouTube channel, Pablo released an untitled track while singing in the shadows of a dark room as we see a silhouette of him. The song perfectly highlights his sincere message through the lyrics as well as his vocals, which flawlessly executed his pure emotions. The video titled “???” seems to be another glimpse of the amount of talent Pablo has in songwriting and the entire process of creating beautiful music. His group, SB19, had an incredible year in 2021 and we can’t wait to see what projects they’ll be working on in 2022. Take a listen to the track down below!

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