CONCERT RECAP: LIVENow K-Pop Concert Series Starring ONEUS

Photo: ONEUS / RBW Entertainment

ONEUS is the first artists to kick off a series of exclusive shows on the global streaming platform, LIVENow, for their K-Pop concert series! The 6-piece group set the bar incredibly high with their powerful and energetic performances as well as heartwarming Q&A portions during the show where they had the chance to interact with their fans. The virtual concert is just a sneak peek into ONEUS’ upcoming U.S. tour beginning in March, and having the show stream on LIVENow is further fueling the excitement!

The epic show started off with a fiery stage as they performed a rock version of their hit song, “Valkyrie,” where the members showed off their perfect choreography, vocals and visuals. Soon after their first performance, all six members took a bit of a breather to introduce themselves and share their excitement of putting on the concert for their fans, even welcoming lucky members of their TO MOON who participated virtually via camera and were shown on the big screen. ONEUS even announced how excited they are to be meeting their fans for the first time in person after more than two years for their tour. Right after their intro, they jumped right into an amazing performance of their track, “Black Mirror,” where their stage perfectly reflected the song as the huge screens featured various clips of glass and bright lights.

The members took some time to share stories during the intimate portion of the show titled “Time Travel,” where they reminisced on past memories and looked at never-before-seen baby photos. During this segment, they also answered questions from the fans, showing just how interactive the concert is, and what kind of format fans can expect for the upcoming LIVENow K-Pop series!

Prior to wrapping up the event, ONEUS continued putting on unforgettable stages with performances of “To Be or Not to Be,” “No Diggity,” “Window,” and jaw-dropping performances of “Luna,” “Lit,” and “BBUSYEO” which showcased the exceptional talent of ONEUS on a grander scale. With this concert being the first of an entire K-Pop series on LIVENow, we can’t wait to see what other artists will be announced! TO MOON can currently watch the amazing show on-demand on LIVENow!

Special thank you to MillerPR, LIVENow, ONEUS, and RBW Entertainment for the wonderful opportunity to watch this incredible show!

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