SEVENTEEN’s DK Sings “Go” For “Twenty-Five Twenty-One” Drama OST

SEVENTEEN’s DK is lending his beautiful voice once again to a drama’s official soundtrack! Having previously participated in the OST for the shows, “Tempted,” and “Hospital Playlist,” DK is now adding the current drama, “Twenty-Five Twenty-One” to his list. With tvN dropping teasers for the newest show all throughout social media, many CARATS (SEVENTEEN’s fan base) knew they were hearing a familiar voice as the background to the stunning montage of clips. It was revealed and confirmed by DK himself via a Weverse post that it was indeed him, and that he is the voice behind the show’s title track, “Go.” This surprise project was not only news to CARATS, but also to his band mates as a hilarious moment during a recent livestream occurred between DK and Hoshi. The SEVENTEEN members got together to celebrate the birthday of their CARATS on February 14th, and while they were updating the fans on random topics, including DK’s participation in the drama’s OST, Hoshi stood up in shock as he said that he had just watched the show the night before and didn’t even realize it was his fellow member! The LOL moment ended up making the trending topics, but it only shows the special and natural charms and humor SEVENTEEN has and is famous for. While there hasn’t been further news or updates regarding DK’s participation on the OST, we can’t wait to hear his beautiful voice on future episodes of the show.

Aside from exciting projects like “Go,” releasing his solo Christmas song late last year, new episodes of “Going Seventeen,” and the group currently working on more music, DK will also be celebrating his birthday in just a few days! Be sure to send him your best wishes on February 18th. Happy early Birthday, DK!

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