SURAN Teases Upcoming Single “Devil’s In The City” Featuring Dok2

Photo: Helix Publicity

South Korean singer/songwriter, SURAN, is making her comeback with new single, “Devil’s In The City,” a track that features rapper, Dok2. The soloist shared a 30-second MV teaser, which showcases various mysterious yet captivating clips as a deep sounding voiceover reads the text, “I’ll give you everything you want, you know I’m never letting you down, don’t ever settle for illusions, I got all that you want, so let me deep inside of your heart.” In a press release, it’s said that SURAN “participated in every process of producing this track,” and that it’s a message from her, someone who has “been through some hard times and found a way to recover from them.” She also makes her listeners aware that “society has a dark side and there are all kinds of people in the world.” SURAN is set to officially release “Devil’s In The City” feat. Dok2 on February 22nd. Stay tuned for more updates!

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