Members Of TEMPEST Test Positive For COVID + Delays Debut Promotions

Yuehua Entertainment’s upcoming boy group, TEMPEST, is postponing their highly-anticipated debut due to all seven members testing positive for COVID-19. The group was originally scheduled to debut and release their first mini-album, “It’s ME, It’s WE,” on February 21st, but with the unfortunate circumstances, has now been pushed back to March 2nd. Their agency released the following statement regarding the matter:

“Hello, this is Yuehua Entertainment. We are writing to notify the delay in promotion schedules and COVID-19 tests results of our artist TEMPEST (LEW, Taerae, Hwarang, Hyeongseop, Eunchan, Hanbin, and Hyuk). 

Back on the 13th, one of the staff members have tested positive for COVID-19. All members immediately took rapid antigen tests following the news. After 7 positive results, the members rushed over to the hospital and took PCR tests. As a result today on the 14th, all 7 members were confirmed positive for COVID-19. 

TEMPEST members have been vaccinated with second doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, and they used self-diagnostic kits before coming to perform any of their schedules. They are currently displaying cold symptoms with a slight fever and they are resting in self-quarantine per the health authority’s guidelines. 

As a result, we notify that ‘It’s ME, It’s WE’ will be released on March 2nd at 6 PM KST instead of the initial February 21st. We apologize to everyone who has been anticipating TEMPEST’s debut. 

We will do our best to support TEMPEST’s treatment and quick recovery, and we promise to continue doing our best at following guidelines to ensure our artists’ health and safety. 

Thank you.”

With their debut being pushed back, TEMPEST dropped an updated teaser schedule that includes the track list, lyric moving poster, highlight medley, and debut D-1 poster. They also shared the latest MV teaser for their upcoming single, “Bad News,” which you can check out down below. Stay tuned for more updates on TEMPEST’s exciting debut!

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