Justin Park Drops His First English/Spanish Single, “Mi Vida”

Photo: Johnson Diep/Helix Publicity

R&B singer/songwriter, Justin Park, has just dropped his latest single, “Mi Vida,” making it his first-ever English and Spanish track! In a press release regarding the special project, Justin wrote the song to “pay homage to Los Angeles, as well as to many of the Latin community” who have supported his career thus far. Justin shared, “‘Mi Vida’ is a monumental project for me that I am especially proud of, because I had never been so hands-on with the production of music and music video until this point. I had a vision for what the story surrounding the music would be. So I cast, produced, and storyboarded alongside my good buddies Johnson Diep, and Richard Song. This is my first ever Spanish record, and working alongside my friend Edna, coming up with Spanish lyrics was also a blast. I’m from Los Angeles where we have an amazing melting pot of people, but growing up the Latinos and Hispanics, namely Mexicans, really took care of me and taught me a lot about work ethic and culture. This is my one way of paying homage to my city and to the people who have taught me generously about their culture.” The track was a self-made project in collaboration with 5A Label and was crafted by Justin himself, alongside Dirk Pate, with additional lyrics by Edna Lugo and production by Michael “Fish” Herring. Following “Mi Vida,” Justin is also preparing to release more music in the near future, including his very first Korean album. Stay tuned for more updates on Justin’s new music, but in the meantime, check out the cinematic music video for “Mi Vida” down below!

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