A’TIN Shut Down Eton Centris For SB19’s Wish 107.5 Roadshow Performance

SB19’s power and impact was clearly proven during the group’s performance for the Wish 107.5 Roadshow at Eton Centris on February 21st. Their ever-loving fanbase, A’TIN, showed up in droves as thousands filled the streets of the Quezon City location to see Pablo, Stell, Ken, Josh, and Justin perform their hit songs, including “Bazinga,” and “Mapa,” while Pablo and Ken (also known as his solo moniker, FELIP) sang their solo tracks live for the very first time, “La Luna” and “Palayo,” respectively. Pablo’s younger brother, Josue, also had the opportunity to perform as well! Wish FM 107.5 made the announcement just a few hours before the performance and A’TIN made sure to show their love and support for the power group, marking this one of the first times both SB19 and A’TIN were reunited in person after more than 2 years! The members took to Twitter to show their gratitude to their fans who showed up, with many coming from all over the country just to see their favorite group perform. A’TIN not only went to Eton Centris to watch SB19 sing, but they also prepared food and goodies for fellow fans attending, where they sang the popular tracks alongside the group as they waved their SB19 light sticks, causing a stunning “blue ocean,” lighting up the night. After the incredibly successful performance, A’TIN ended the evening by cleaning up the trash that was left from the event, leaving Eton Centris spotless. What an amazing group of fans! SB19 had a wonderful year last year with their career and their appearance/performance at the Wish 107.5 Roadshow looks like a strong start to their 2022! Stay tuned for the official performance videos of SB19 on the Wish bus!

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