Shaun And Yuna Drop Official Music Video For Collaboration Track, “So Right”

Photo: Unbound Entertainment Group

The official music video for Shaun and Yuna’s collaboration track, “So Right,” is finally here! The highly anticipated visual for the globally launched single features Korean-American talent, Jason Won Lee and Asian-American Actress/Model, Leilani Sioson, as the short film music video follows the intense love story of the young couple as they experience the highs and lows of their relationship. Filmed in beautiful Los Angeles, California, the natural lighting matches the feel-good and hopeful track, with its urban scenery as the perfect backdrop for the song’s story. The exciting team up between Shaun and Yuna is one that many fans have been waiting for as both soloists have found consistent success in every piece of music they drop, and the collaboration on “So Right,” is the cherry on top! In regards to the two artists working on the project together as well as for the music video, Managing Director Paul Kim of UEG (Unbound Entertainment Group,) shared: “Travel restrictions during the pandemic limited our ability to bring the two artists back together from opposite sides of the globe, but it actually opened up some exciting creative possibilities. We’re taking an outside-the-box approach; using the song to power a short-form narrative film featuring established actors.” “So Right” is the second official single released by Unbound Entertainment Group & Records, and is one of many in an upcoming series of additional global collaborations to be announced throughout the remainder of the year. Check out the official music video down below!

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