DONGKIZ Makes Major Changes To The Group: Renamed To DKZ, Updates On Current Members, To Add 3 New Members

Some major changes are happening for K-Pop group – DONGKIZ! Most recently, the group has risen in popularity with member Jaechan starring in K-Drama, “Semantic Error,” and with this excitement, multiple DONGKIZ tracks have peaked on music charts for the first since their debut back in 2019. With the group currently experiencing much buzz, their company, Dongyo Entertainment has dropped some major news!

“Hello, this is Dongyo Entertainment.

First of all, thank you to all of the fans who have always supported DONGKIZ.

We would like to tell you about the future direction for Wondae and Munik, who are currently on hiatus, and the group’s future activities.

1. The future activities of Wondae and Munik who are on hiatus due to injuries.

Wondae took a break following is injury and had in-depth conversations with us about his future activities. However, it is the doctor’s opinion that he will need constant rehabilitation in the future, and Wondae ultimately decided to withdraw from the team. Munik also went on hiatus to recover his health and has discussed with us for a while about resuming his activities. Ahead of the group’s comeback, the company carefully suggested resuming his activities and checked his condition, and he also was given ample time to think about it himself. However, it was decided that he would not participate in the comeback as his condition had not fully recovered yet. Group activities with the two members are important, but their health and wishes are the top priority, so after discussing, all of the members and us agreed to respect their opinions.

2. Future activities for DONGKIZ.

First of all, as you can see in the official logo released just before the name change, DONGKIZ will be reintroduced to the fans under their new official team name DKZ starting from their April 2022 comeback.

Second, we will be adding three new members to DKZ to work with Kyoungyoon, Jaechan, and Jonghyeong. DONGKIZ and DKZ are not different groups, but instead please think of the two as one team that connects the memories of the past, the present, and the future, and please send them your support and love. We understand that the fans have been waiting for an update since the sudden news of Wondae and Munik’s hiatus announcement last year. In addition, many people wanted the group to resume activities as five members, but our announcement was delayed because this was an issue that we could not have instantly made a decision on.

We sincerely apologize to the fans who must have been frustrated because they were not aware of the situation for a long time. Dongyo Entertainment hopes that Wondae and Munik will recover quickly, and we ask the fans to send their warm support and love to the members who are preparing to set foot as DKZ.

Thank you.”

We wish all the best for Wondae and Munik with their journey to healing, and look forward to the announcement of the 3 new members. DKZ is set to make their comeback in April 2022. Stay tuned for more updates!

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