KCON Makes Big Return With Multiple In-Person Events Around The World

K-culture’s biggest and most anticipated event, KCON, makes its big return to in-person events around the world after two years of conducting online shows. “KCON 2022 Premiere” will kick off in May in the heart of South Korea – Seoul, while they move on to other stops in Tokyo and Chicago, Illinois for the very first time. Headed by CJ ENM, the entertainment company announced that KCON will be providing an upgraded experience for its attendees with new content “reflecting trends of Gen Z fans and programs tailored for local fans on top of original fan favorite programming and panels unique to KCON.” For fans around the world, KCON will continue their digital content in the form of “KCON:TACT” for those who cannot participate in-person. Don Kim, Director of Live Entertainment Business at CJ ENM, stated, “With the return of KCON, fans will once again be able to interact with their favorite artists and influencers, as well as the rest of the K-pop fan community. The team here is buzzing with excitement as we prepare to create an event worthy of celebrating a decade of unforgettable KCON moments. K-pop has evolved so much since our first KCON in 2012 and CJ ENM is proud to have been part of the rise and the journey.”

“KCON 2022 Premiere” will take place in Seoul on May 7-8, Tokyo on May 14-15, and Chicago on May 20-21. “KCON LA” returns from August 19-21, followed by KCON JAPAN in October. Stay tuned for more updates on these exciting festivities!

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