BIGBANG Announces Comeback Date After Four Years And Drops First Teaser

After four long years since they dropped their last group song together, “Flower Road,” K-Pop’s legendary band, BIGBANG, is finally back! YG Entertainment confirmed the rumors of the group’s return by officially announcing the date of their comeback, which is set for April 5th. The group also unveiled their very first teaser image, which shows what looks like a photo copy of a blank polaroid photo with the group’s name and their comeback date. Recently, it was also shared that Taeyang, T.O.P, Daesung, and G-Dragon, have completed filming their music video as well. A source from YG Entertainment stated, “BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.P, and Daesung recently completed filming the music video for their new song. BIGBANG’s comeback preparations are progressing smoothly. We will inform you of the release date as well as further details on the new song soon.” How exciting! Stay tuned for more updates on BIGBANG and their big return!

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