P1Harmony Members And Staff Test Positive For COVID-19 + Postpones The Remaining Dates Of U.S. Tour

Unfortunate news for a ton of P1ece that had plans to attend the Chicago, Denver, San Jose, and Los Angeles shows of P1Harmony’s ‘2022 P1Harmony Live Tour [P1ustage H : PEACE]’ U.S. Tour – the remaining shows have been officially postponed. On March 20th, SubKulture Entertainment, the company handling P1Harmony’s U.S. Tour, announced on social media that the Chicago show (set to occur on March 20,) is being postponed due to several of the tour’s staff members testing positive for COVID-19. Below is the statement released by SubKulture Entertainment regarding the Chicago postponement:

With many fans understandably upset, more updates from SubKulture Entertainment and FNC Entertainment were released the following day, where it was announced that 5 out of 6 members of P1Harmony had tested positive for COVID-19 as well, and that due to most of the team being sick, they made the difficult decision to postpone the remaining tour dates, which included stops in Denver, San Jose, and Los Angeles. In their statement, they also addressed the rumors of the lack of safety protocols at the previous concerts.

Both entertainment companies are currently working on when these shows will resume, as well as further details on what’s to come. As sad as these updates are, we wish Keeho, Jiung, Jongseob, Theo, Soul, and their staff a speedy recovery!

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