YOUNITE Makes Official Debut With EP, “YOUNI-BIRTH”

Brand New Music’s brand new boy group, YOUNITE, has officially made their debut! Consisting of nine members: EUNHO, STEVE, HYUNSEUNG, EUNSANG, HYUNGSEOK, WOONO, DEY, KYUNGMUN, and SION, have released their debut EP titled, YOUNI-BIRTH, with a total of six tracks. The story and concept behind the body of music focuses on introducing the fresh new group to the public through a “universe-themed storyline.” It can be noted that the EP features various producers such as: BOOMBASTIC, OUOW, LISH, nomad, and On the Road. YOUNITE member, DEY, was also heavily involved in writing the lyrics and all of the rap verses for each track on YOUNI-BIRTH. “1 of 9,” the EP’s main title track, is described as a “nu-disco pop song” in which the official music video was also released as an accompanying visual for the song.

For some background on YOUNITE, their group name is a combination of the words, “You” and “Unite,” which incorporates the meaning of a symbolic promise that the group and their fans will always be one. If some of the members from YOUNITE look familiar to you, you might have seen them as contestants on shows such as Produce 101 and High School Rapper!

Check out the official music video for “1 or 9” down below and stay tuned for more updates on YOUNITE!

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