SEVENTEEN’s Dino Is The Final Member To Open Up An Individual Instagram Account

Photo: Dino Instagram (feat.dino)

After dealing with all of the teasing from his fellow members and fans, specifically over the past few months, SEVENTEEN’s Dino has finally opened up his own Instagram account! The announcement of this exciting move was made through a notice from the official SEVENTEEN Twitter account. Dino is the final member to open up a solo Instagram page, with a bulk of the 13 members recently jumping on board the social media platform within the past year. For his first post, Dino shared a set of cute photos of him dressed in all black at the HYBE building, with members Seungkwan and DK commenting and immediately welcoming their youngest to Instagram.

SEVENTEEN is set to make their big comeback on May 27th with their fourth full-length album, “Face The Sun.” Stay tuned for more SEVENTEEN comeback news, and in the meantime, be sure to follow Dino and the rest of the members of SEVENTEEN on Instagram!

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