SB19’s Ken Announces Solo Comeback As FELIP With “Itaga Mo Ito”

Photo: KEN (Instagram)

SB19’s Ken has just made an announcement much to his fans’ surprise! The multi-faceted artist is set to make his first solo comeback on May 15th with a new single titled, “Itaga Mo Ito.” Known as FELIP when releasing his solo music, “Itaga Mo Ito” is a follow up to his highly successful debut single, “Palayo.” Not much else has been shared regarding his exciting comeback, other than a teaser photo, showing a side view image of the SB19 member, and the classic red, black, and white colors, which were also prominent during the “Palayo” era. Many are looking forward to the singer’s comeback, as he is known to be extremely artistic and diverse when it comes to his music, concepts, and fashion. Stay tuned for more updates on FELIP’s highly-anticipated comeback!

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