KathNiel Shares The “Secret” To Their 10 Years Of Being A Successful Love Team

Photo: ABS-CBN

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, also known as “KathNiel,” are the Philippines’ top love team but are also two of the most decorated actors in the industry, individually. The on-and-off screen couple are making their teleserye comeback after four years with their new series, “2 Good 2 Be True,” and are also celebrating 10 years together on screen. In anticipation for their upcoming teleserye, Arambulo Live was invited to attend the global media conference where host Nikki asked KathNiel about the secret to their longevity as a love team, aside from the fact that they’re a real-life couple. Kathryn answered first stating, “There’s no exact formula that says ‘Ok, if you do this, your love team will last 10 years too, here’s the secret..’ But I think that if there’s something we did since day 1, up until now, 10 years later, it’s having respect and teamwork. That is what DJ (Daniel Padilla) and I have done over the years and it’s what has worked for us. Teamwork is very important, where you don’t see each other as competition, you need to help each other up. With DJ, we’re hand-in-hand, through thick and thin, we’re always there for each other.” [Answer translated to English.] Kathryn also shared that the day prior to the conference, she had faced a difficult scene, but with Daniel by her side, she was able to overcome it. Daniel also answered the question with, “I agree, It’s love, respect, and support for each other. The support we have for each other, no matter what scene you’re filming, that’s the most important.”

“2 Good 2 Be True” is scheduled to premiere on Netflix on May 13, iWant TFC on May 14, and on the ABS-CBN platforms on May 16. Check out the full interview clip with KathNiel down below!

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