SB19’s Ken Releases New Solo Single, “Bulan,” As FELIP + Unveils Stunning Official MV

Photo: FELIP (Instagram)

Known to not be afraid of showcasing his incredible artistic ideas through his music and concepts, SB19’s Ken has returned with a new masterpiece under his solo moniker, FELIP, titled “Bulan.” For a quick history lesson, in Bicol, Bulan along with his sister, Haliya, are moon deities. In the official music video, FELIP plays the character of Bulan, while the ballerina, (Ramona Yusay,) represents Haliya, and the Bakunawa (water-dragon) believed to be the cause of eclipses, earthquakes, rain, and wind, as the darkness that tries to overpower. The music video starts off with a disclaimer stating: “All scenes and imagery depicted in the song and music video are the artist and his team’s creative interpretation of our nation’s collective memory of Filipino ancient deities. Definitive resources for this aspect of our culture have been destroyed during the colonial period, hence, the goal for this release is to encourage the youth to dig deep, discuss, and keep this aspect of our memory alive for generations to come.” Each scene in the video is undoubtedly visually stunning, including FELIP himself, who dons bright red hair, which perfectly makes him stand out against the various beautiful sceneries.

“Bulan,” which is written and produced by FELIP, incorporates mesmerizing beats and elements with a mix of hip-hop and rock sounds. FELIP made sure to include clips of powerful choreography alongside dancers, and of course, showcases his deep vocals, a trait he is known for and loved for. Much to A’TIN’s (SB19 fan base) surprise, fellow band member, Stell, was unveiled to lend his vocals on the track where he sings a captivating chant for the intro and in other certain parts of the track, adding to the ethnic and magical concept. “Bulan” is now available on music streaming platforms. Check out the beautifully crafted music video down below!

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