OMEGA X Unveils Track List And Highlight Medley For Upcoming First Full Album, “Story Written In Music”

K-Pop boy group, OMEGA X, is gearing up for their biggest comeback yet! With this, they’ve unveiled the track list and highlight medley for their first full album, “Story Written In Music.” There will be 13 songs included in the album, “VENUS,” “Binary Star,” “All About U,” “Don’t,” “Take ’em All,” “Bounce With Me,” Dance With U,” “Previous Era,” “Dry Flower,” “Control,” “Love,” “For Baby,” and the title track, “Play Dumb.” Out of the 13 tracks, 9 are written and produced by the members, with one song in particular, “For Baby,” listing their fandom, FOR X, as official lyricists! The highlight medley shows behind-the-scenes clips of the group’s photoshoots for the album, giving fans more visual treats ahead of the comeback! OMEGA X returns with new music on June 15th!

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