FELIP (aka SB19’s Ken) Takes Fans Behind The Scenes Of “Bulan” In Part 1 Of New Series Of Videos

FELIP, also known as SB19’s Ken, most recently released his hit track, “Bulan,” and now he’s taking fans behind the scenes of the creation of the song and music video, in a new series of clips posted to his YouTube channel! In the first out of three videos, we see FELIP working hard on creating the lyrics as well as the beat of the track. The intimate moments also show the singer’s creative talents in songwriting and playing instruments, which was refreshing for the fans to see. FELIP has credited that he worked on this track with the help of his fellow SB19 members, PABLO and Stell, as well as PABLO’s brother, Josue, who co-produced the beat. Although the video was only 5 minutes, we love that FELIP was able to film and share these clips with fans. He previewed that part 2 will show the behind the scenes of creating the music video, including a cute little quip of calling himself “Cardi B” because of his long red hair. Check out the first video of the behind the scenes of “Bulan” down below!

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