OMEGA X Announces World Tour With Stops In Latin America And The U.S.

Spire Entertainment has just announced that their powerful rising K-Pop group, OMEGA X, will be going on their first world tour! While further details haven’t been revealed, the 11-member group will be performing in six cities in four countries across Latin America in September and in October, will make their way to 12 U.S. tour stops. They just released their first full-length album, 낙서(樂서): Story Written in Music, which has already garnered global attention by topping music charts in various countries all over the world. JAEHAN, HWICHAN, SEBIN, HANGYEOM, TAEDON, XEN, JEHYUN, KEVIN, JUNGHOON, HYUK, AND YECHAN may have debuted in September 2021, but there’s no stopping this boy group from running to the top! Stay tuned for more OMEGA X tour news!

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