fromis_9’s Gyuri Writes Personal Letter To Fans After Announcement Of Departure From Group

Since Pledis Entertainment made the announcement that fromis_9’s Jang Gyuri would be leaving the group, many fans expressed their sadness of the news. The entertainment company confirmed that while the other 8 members renewed their exclusive contract last year when they transferred to Pledis, Jang Gyuri did not. The group’s latest EP, “from our Memento Box,” which was released last month, is the last promotional schedule that would feature all 9 members together, as Gyuri’s contract ends on July 31st. The singer took to Weverse to post a heartfelt written letter to all of her Flovers (fromis_9’s fan base name).

“Hello, this is fromis_9’s Gyuri. I’m more worried than anything as I fear that our Flovers will be shocked at the sudden news. I had wanted to wrap things up well until the last moment, and so I’m sorry that I couldn’t tell you in advance. It had felt like the time where I have to say such things was still far away, but now that I’ve come to this point, I feel rather sad while thinking about the time we spent together.

The unchanging love and support that have been given to me by Flovers up to now, has warmly comforted me as I was crumbling under guilt and confusion, and has helped me gain courage to take a step forward in the face of fear at a the new challenge ahead of me.

Many Flovers have always told fromis_9 and myself that they’re grateful for us as we gave them strength and hope to live on. But rather, I want to express my gratitude for Flovers that became a stepping stone and pillar of gratitude to me. Thanks to you, I was able to grow and challenge myself endlessly.

The Flovers that coddled me and trusted me with great love even though I’m not great at expressing myself, I’ll remember each and every one of you without fail.

Just like how I’ve always been doing, I’ll do my best so as not to let you down, no matter where I am and no matter how I look like. Please watch over me.

Please show fromis_9, who’s rising bit by bit, lots of love and please look forward to their amazing promotions. I’ll become a Flover too and cheer on fromis_9 with you.

Thank you. I love you.”

We wish Jang Gyuri and all of the remaining members of fromis_9 all the luck with their future endeavors!

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