Justin Park Teams Up With ZANE TAYLOR For New Single, “Sunset Years”

Photo: John Park @johnparkimage

R&B singer/songwriter, Justin Park, returns with new music as he teams up with new 5A LABEL signee, ZANE TAYLOR on their single, “Sunset Years.” The track, which was written in just a few minutes, was inspired by the sights and feelings the golden coast of California brings. Regarding the track, Justin Park shared: “‘Sunset Years’ is a song about weathering incredible hardships. Our goal was to create a record that gave a sense of ‘Everything’s going to be alright.’ Our reflections were melancholy. The title ‘Sunset Years’ gives reflection on this simple message.” ZANE TAYLOR also shared his thoughts on the process of creating “Sunset Years” and the mindset that went into the project, stating, “As I get older I believe more and more that life is constantly moving towards balance, so I’ve always gravitated to music and art that do a good job of conveying multiple ends of an emotional spectrum simultaneously. In particular, I love happy/sad songs. When Justin and I met up to write ‘Sunset Years,’ we’d both been going through some serious things, but we also felt good about where we are as people. ‘Sunset Years’ was meant to give the listener that balance of feeling like the weight of the whole world is on your shoulders, but you still got it.

Justin Park will be opening up for K-Pop star, JUNNY, for the West Coast portion of his North American tour, which will take Justin to Los Angeles (09/04), San Francisco, (09/05), and Seattle (09/07). Be sure to listen to “Sunset Years” on these various music streaming platforms!

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