Belle Mariano Makes History At The Seoul International Drama Awards

Belle Mariano has made history by being the first Filipino woman to win the “Outstanding Asian Star” award at the 17th Seoul International Drama Awards! The “He’s Into Her” actress flew to Seoul, South Korea to accept the honor in person and won the hearts of all who watched her grace the red carpet and stage. The award for “Outstanding Asian Star” nominates 175 actors and actresses from all over Asia and chooses 5 winners to receive the award. Those who took home the trophy this year along with Belle are: Krit Amnuaydechkorn of Thailand, Alice Ko from Taiwan, Yusei Yagi from Japan, and Wallace Chung of China.

Although Belle has been an actress for many years in the Philippines, this is one of the first biggest international recognitions in her career and we can foresee that it won’t be the last! Aside from the actress looking stunning in a pink Filipiniana-inspired gown by Francis Libiran, Belle trended on social media for her speech, where she made sure to mention that she is indeed, a proud Filipina:

“Good evening, everyone. I am Belle Mariano and I am a proud Filipino.

Thank you Seoul International Drama Awards for this recognition. It really is such an honor to be here. First and foremost, I’d like to thank the Father Almighty. The glory is all Yours.

I’d also like to thank all of the brilliant minds behind the series “He’s Into Her,” our director Chad Vidanes, our writers Vanessa Valdez and her team, the author of the book where the series was based on, Maxinejiji. Thank you for giving me this life changing opportunity. To my bosses and management, Star Magic and Rise Artists Studio, thank you. Thank you as well to the cast and production crew of “He’s Into Her.”

Of course to my partner, Donny Pangilinan, it has been an amazing journey with you. Here’s to more and I share this honor with you. Of course the supporters as well I wouldn’t be here without you guys. My gratitude for you all is overflowing. Thank you so much. And lastly, to the woman who molded me to the woman I am today, my mother, thank you so much. I love you. I love you all and long live to everyone!”

Belle continues her crazy packed schedule for the rest of 2022 as she’s set to fly back out to America for ASAP Natin ‘To in Las Vegas in November, as well as the release of her second film with Donny Pangilinan titled, “An Inconvenient Love,” also due out in November.

Congratulations, Belle! Stay tuned for more Belle Mariano and DonBelle news!

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