JAMIE Drops Highly-Anticipated EP “One Bad Night”

Multi-hyphenate artist, JAMIE, returns with new music through her latest EP, “One Bad Night.” This release is her first EP in over four years! “One Bad Night” features five tracks: “GIRLS,” “In My Bag,” “Bedtime Story (feat. GEMINI),” “Honesty (0822),” and focus track, “3D Woman.” While all of the songs on the EP perfectly highlight JAMIE’s undeniable vocal ability, it also showcases various sides to her as an artist with each track bringing a different vibe and message. “3D Woman” is all about female empowerment and features a strong, edgy, and mature tone. “GIRLS,” is the perfect song to get you dancing while you get ready for a night on the town with your best friends! “In My Bag” is the track that shows off the strong facade JAMIE is known for – a confident attitude with a very catchy beat! “Bedtime Story” is where we really get to see JAMIE’s impressive and powerful vocals, with GEMINI’s participation being the perfect blend! “Honesty” strips down the musicalities we see within the EP as it focuses on a piano background and guitar instrumentals, truly showing how far JAMIE has come as an artist.

Listen to “One Bad Night” here and check out the music video for “3D Woman” down below!

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