ALAMAT Drops Stunning Teasers Ahead Of Mini-Album, “Pasulong”

P-Pop boy group, ALAMAT, are dropping some stunning teasers ahead of the release of their first-ever mini-album, “Pasulong.” Much to Magiliw’s (ALAMAT’s fan base) excitement, Tomas, Taneo, R-Ji, Alas, Mo, and Jao are sharing upcoming concepts through photos and video teasers. The group unveiled their video teaser where we see the members donning various ethnic outfits from Genes & Hails, staying true to ALAMAT’s distinct style and concept. In addition to the previously released tracks, “Say U Love Me” and “ILY ILY,” “Pasulong” will include the songs: “Aswang,” “Maharani,” “Gayuma,” and “Hala.”

“Aswang” will be the next track that ALAMAT will unveil, with an album showcase to take place on October 27th, and “Pasulong” officially dropping on October 28th!

Stay tuned for more updates on ALAMAT and check out the beautiful teasers below!

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