SB19 Shine Bright At Their Sold-Out Show In Los Angeles For WYAT World Tour

P-Pop Kings SB19 have finally made their way to America and are leaving an exceptional first impression for their fanbase abroad. After successfully wrapping up their shows in various parts of the Philippines, Dubai, and New York, the group rattled Los Angeles with a sold-out show held at the famed Avalon in Hollywood on Saturday, November 12th. Put on by Star Media Entertainment along with ShowBT Philippines, the WYAT World Tour was attended by A’TIN from all over the world as Pablo, Josh, Stell, Ken, and Justin left their fans in awe as they performed their hit songs such as: “What?,” “Mana,” “Tilaluha,” “MAPA,” Billboard Hot Trending Song, “BAZINGA!,” and their latest release, “WYAT (Where You At),” to name a few. Despite their intricate choreography and hard-to-reach notes, SB19 only showcased their mind-blowing artistry as they nailed every single performance, proving their superstar titles. In between stages, the members made sure to continuously thank their A’TIN for attending and supporting the group with such passion and dedication. Pablo, Josh, Stell, Ken, and Justin proved their true personalities as they gave the fans a night to remember where they took selfies, filmed video clips on A’TIN’s cell phones, and signed photos and merch from the stage while singing their love song for the fans, “SLMT”. The energy between the Los Angeles audience and SB19 was absolutely electric and should continue to their next tour stops: San Francisco, Singapore, and their homecoming show in Manila next month.

A few days prior to the show, we were graciously invited by KUMU USA and Team SB19 to attend the group’s first-ever in-person press conference held in Los Angeles, where Pablo, Josh, Stell, Ken, and Justin spoke about how excited they are to finally be in America to meet their fans face to face and perform for them after so many years. The group tackled press questions with wit, humor, and transparency, impressing LA based media outlets and the 50k+ viewers that tuned in to the livestream on the KUMU app. Arambulo Live’s Nikki asked the members about a moment that they had experienced together in the past that they would like to relive once more. SB19’s leader, Pablo, immediately had a simple answer: when they were all living together. It was a time that he wished they could’ve used to get to know each other better and bond, but since their schedules were so hectic at the time, they felt more separated instead. Josh echoed Pablo’s sentiments and agreed that he would like to relive the moment where things weren’t going well for the group in their early days, because it gave them a chance to truly hold onto each other and their dreams of success. We’re so glad they stayed and held on.

Check out the entire press conference down below as well as our YouTube channel for the WYAT Tour LA concert coverage! Be sure to catch SB19 in San Francisco on November 18th, Singapore on November 27th, and Manila on December 18th. Major congratulations to SB19 and their team for conducting amazing shows for their first U.S. leg! Stay tuned for more updates on SB19!

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