SBTown Debuts New P-Pop Girl Group – YGIG

P-Pop has a new girl group in town! YGIG has just been launched by Show Biz Town (SBTown,) the same company that debuted internationally acclaimed supergroup – SB19. Consisting of seven members: Alexei, Maeg, JM, Vien, Darlene, Hazelyn, and Jewel, the ladies made their first appearance as a group at their media conference where the CEO of SBTown, Geong Seong Han, shared the story behind the name YGIG. “YGIG is an acronym for ‘You Go, I Go.’ The definition I want for them is to not give up, let’s go together. It’s a message I want to relay to the young generation – don’t give up on your dreams and we’ll be here to go with you.” The members of YGIG trained for years, with most of this time during the pandemic. Their debut song titled, “Shaba Shaba” is a collaboration track between the company and the members themselves, with the latter writing the lyrics. It was revealed during the press conference that the members will not be having permanent positions as they were trained to be able to cover everything, from vocals, rap, to dance. “Shaba Shaba” is now available on various music platforms, with the official music video to come.

We look forward to seeing and hearing more from YGIG! Congratulations on their debut!

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