OMEGA X Announces On Instagram That They Have Won The Lawsuit Against SPIRE Entertainment

K-Pop boy group, OMEGA X, have been in the headlines over the past few months due to news surfacing of their company, SPIRE Entertainment’s CEO abusing the members. After wrapping up their world tour back in October of 2022, footage of the members being physically and verbally abused by the agency’s CEO were revealed, ultimately unveiling more horror stories the group went through over the past few years of being with the company. OMEGA X filed a lawsuit in November 2022 to terminate their contract with SPIRE Entertainment and the members took to Instagram to share that they have won!

On January 11th, OMEGA X shared on Instagram that they had been granted an injunction suspending the validity of their exclusive contract with SPIRE Entertainment. Below is the full statement:

Hello, this is OMEGA X.

Today, we won the lawsuit we filed against our agency to suspend the validity of our exclusive contract.

We were able to achieve this thanks to all of you giving us courage and reaching out a hand.

Thank you for worrying about us and supporting us up until now.

FOR X, we truly love you and thank you.

We will repay you in the future with even better music and admirable performances.

Thank you.


We look forward to a bright future ahead for OMEGA X!

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