OMEGA X Takes On Creating Three Songs For The OST Of New BL Drama, “A Shoulder To Cry On”

K-Pop boy group, OMEGA X, continues to flex their undeniable talent in their craft with their participation in the original soundtrack of BL drama series, “A Shoulder To Cry On,” which stars OMEGA X members – JAEHAN and YECHAN. The composition of the three tracks were handled by members JAEHAN and HANGYEOM, while members TAEDONG, XEN, JAEHAN, and HWICHAN participated in the recording of the songs.

“Come Together” is a track co-composed and performed by JAEHAN that highlights a “pure love that will last until the world ends without any conditions” packaged under a rock-sounding genre. “너를 다시 (You, Again)” performed by TAEDONG, XEN, and JAEHAN and co-composed by the latter, sings about the “strong emotion of love as it escalates to a climax.” “쉬어가도 돼 (Comfort),” co-composed by HANGYEOM and his composing team, WEHOT, and performed by JAEHAN and HWICHAN, is a track with “hopes to spread the message of solace to everyone who struggles about their worries and problems.”

“Come Together,” “너를 다시 (You, Again),” and “쉬어가도 돼 (Comfort),” will also be released in English versions to further the experience of viewers worldwide who are following the story of “A Shoulder To Cry On” with the beautiful musical accompaniment.

“A Shoulder To Cry On” is now available for streaming through Wavve, WATCHA, and TVING in Korea, and Rakuten Viki outside of Korea. 

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