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Here at Arambulo Live, we’ve decided to start a new segment for the next month featuring some of our very first interviews! We found these videos in the Arambulo treasure box, dusted them off a bit and decided to share them with all of you. It’s always nice to reminisce on what sparked the passion for interviewing and making videos. Over the years, the people that we’ve interviewed have grown to become international house hold names! From Booboo Stewart, who was a part of the Twilight Saga and X-Men Franchise and is now starring in the new Disney Movie – Descendants (Booboo plays Jay, Jafar’s son from the movie Aladdin!) to music and television sensation R5 – they have toured the world sharing their incredible music, Ross stars as “Austin” in Disney Channel’s “Austin and Ally” and also as the lead role in “Teen Beach Movie 1 & 2” and his brother, Riker as a top finalist in “Dancing with the Stars” (can’t believe we used to hang out with these guys at birthday parties!) to Ms. Ariana Grande herself, when we attended a charity event to raise money for Haiti back in 2010 (This was right before she started Victorious, we still need to search a little deeper for this interview lol) But nonetheless, we’ve been very thankful to have been given awesome opportunities throughout the years and it humbles us to share these memories with you every Friday

First up on the list is Booboo, Fivel and Maegan Stewart in the very very first interview we’ve ever done! We filmed at a Nordstroms and had some people recognize him so we eventually ended up drawing in a live audience (not nerve wracking at all!) Unfortunately, we failed at not having a mic and filming in a loud environment so the end product of this interview wasn’t the best but hey – you live and you learn! This was probably one of the more memorable interviews, hands down, because we got kicked out of the Nordstroms. Good thing we finished the interview haha we hope you enjoy this interview!

 ‘til next time, hope you have a fantastic day!


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