update on all of the Craziness!

Hey everyone!

Wow, the past couple of weeks have been so insane for us, on top of a Monday-Friday work and school schedule, we’ve been keeping busy with fun stuff to do over the past couple of weekends. We recently went to the Santa Monica Pier and Knotts Berry Farm and spent some time with our family (which was SO much fun!) but of course, we had time to fit in a couple of interviews. We attended an event called “Three Cities Fest” which featured some major directors, producers, actors, singers, and dancers in the industry to talk about their stories and answer any questions the fans had. Big thanks to our friends Erman, who was the event coordinator, and Ariana, who took great care of us at this incredible event! We got to chat with: Kelsey Reinhardt, Sasha Clements, We Are Heroes from Americas Best Dance Crew, Youtube sensation – Leroy Sanchez, and Big Hero 6 star – Ryan Potter. (Check out our interviews with them in the VIDEOS tab up there! ^) On Tuesday, we went to go visit our friends, IM5, at the LA stop of their Grow Wild Tour and got to squeeze in an interview with the boys to catch up. Those guys mean so much to us so it was very great to see them so happy (and so grown up!) and to also hear all of their new incredible music! (Our interview with the boys is now up as well!)
This weekend was also such a blast! On Friday, we attended the ISA Basketball Charity Game which raised money for the victims of the Nepal Earthquake and got to catch up with: Philip of Wong Fu Productions, D-Trix of the Quest crew and a judge on ABDC, and Singer – AJ Rafael. We also got to meet our favorite viners – Michael and Carissa Alvardo of Us The Duo as well as catch up with old friends – Far East Movement. Yesterday, we attended the grand opening of the Abby Lee Dance Company Studio at their brand new LA location! This was a dream for us Arambulo girls as ‘Dance Moms’ is our favorite show. We had the chance to interview the cast and take photos with all of them as well as interview Alyson Stoner, The Filharmonics, Delaney Raye and so much more! We also got to mingle and shmingle with the guests (like Forrest Wheeler of ‘Fresh Off The Boat” and our new ultimate obsession – JIFF POM! while eating Pinks Hot Dogs and eating snow cones – Thanks Ely and to the ALDC Team for accommodating us!)
WELP, that’s just a little summary of what we’ve been up to lately. Crazy part is, we’re just beginning! Soooo many fun things happening for us the next upcoming months! So many interviews, vlogs – which we have a bunch of celebrity guests in the next episode! – and just, really really cool things. Can’t wait to share it with you all! Much love! Xx

The Arambulos

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