Current Obsession: Alyson Stoner “While You Were Sleeping”


If you’ve been following Arambulo Live for a while now, you would know how much we LOVE Alyson Stoner! She’s known for her impeccable dancing skills, amazing acting chops and super kind heart; but did you know that she’s also an incredible singer?! Alyson shared her highly anticipated EP “While You Were Sleeping” just a few days ago and we are OBSESSED! We had the opportunity to have a quick chat with her about this very special milestone and the behind the scenes process:

AL: What was the inspiration for the general concept/theme of the EP?
“While You Were Sleeping” was satirically titled to poke at the industry and audiences who remember my work from younger years but have yet to become acquainted with my current projects. Each song reveals a milestone of personal experience and transformation, from celebrating identity in “Woman” to demanding authenticity in “Back to Church”. 

AL: How was this specific project different from the many other projects you’ve worked on?
I’m thankful to have told many stories as characters on television and in film. This here is my fingerprint. My creativity. A voice and story you likely do not know or expect unless you’ve been keeping up with me. 

AL: Which song on the EP means the most to you & why?
Miles, by far. “If your heart is fine in the absence of mine, tell me as nicely as you can / I’m a little less invited. Cause maybe I only ever got an inch of you. But baby you hold a mile of me.” 

AL: Will there be upcoming shows where you’ll be performing these songs live?
I just finished a 24-city national tour and have some prospects for international shows in the new year. I love performing live because it transcends the original creative effort and takes on a million new interpretations as the audience becomes a part of the experience and art. 

This triple threat created each song on the EP from her own personal experiences and emotions which makes it as real and as raw as it gets. After three years in the making, “While You Were Sleeping” has definitely been worth the wait. Check it out on iTunes and all digital platforms worldwide, and don’t forget to check out for more information and links to all of her social media accounts. 

Congratulations, Alyson!!

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