In a YouTube world full of beauty, lifestyle, gaming, and sketch videos, Angel and Crystal from Plush Time Wins brings such a refreshing and exciting vibe through their unique videos. Have you ever been at an arcade super frustrated at the fact that you just can’t stop the light at the right line to win the 100 tickets?! Us too. Plush Time Wins makes it look easy to win, whether it’d be on a claw machine or that incredibly difficult coin pushing game. Not only do they have their Plush Time Wins channel, but they also have Plush Time Vlogs where they share a more personal side through road trips and carnival days to behind the scenes footage of their viral YouTube videos. (To make things even more amazing, Angel and Crystal are actually a married couple! So can you say #RelationshipGoals?!) We got to chat with them as they gave us exclusive info on the history of Plush Time to where you’ll be able to meet them in person this year, and everything in between. Trust us, they’ll be your new obsession in no time!

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Plush Time Wins has such a unique concept/topic for a YouTube channel, very different from what we normally are used to watching. How did this idea for your channel come about?
Angel: Well let me tell you the simple story of our Plush Time Wins YouTube channel. One day while studying for an exam, I became super bored. So what is better than watching some YouTube videos to fix that. I am not sure what I started out watching, but I ended up watching arcade themed videos, after going through a few of the suggested videos. After watching a few arcade videos, I was anxious to go out to a claw machine and test my luck. Crystal and I did just that, we headed to a local supermarket to play the claw machines. To our surprise we were both able win from the claw machine. We ended up going to all our local claw machines to see just how much we could win. Let me tell you, we won a lot, like a lot a lot. So going back to the YouTube videos, we started capturing our wins on camera and then uploading those to YouTube. Before long we had 100 subscribers. We were so excited so we made more and more videos. A few years later and here we are today.

About a year ago, you also started another channel called Plush Time Vlogs, which gives your viewers a bit of a more personal insight into your lives. Which has been your favorite vlog “episode” so far?
By far our favorite vlog is when we went and explored IAAPA. IAAPA is an international amusement expo that is held in Orlando each year. This was our first time going and it was amazing. We had heard how big IAAPA was from some friends, but we never expected it to be as big as it was. It literally took us days to walk around and experience the entire event. We had so much fun that weekend, but the first day was crazy!

Some of your videos have millions of views! When filming/creating a video, what’s the inspiration behind it and what would you say gets the most traffic? 
When we first started our channel the big inspiration was simply the amounts of fun we had. Now, a few years later, the biggest inspiration is just how much our supporters love our videos. The messages, comments, and other interactions that we have with our supporters daily is the biggest inspiration behind our videos.

You’re at an arcade so often, you’re practically King and Queen of arcade games! Which game would you say you’re the master of?
When we first started out we focused solely on claw machines. We like to think we are masters at all the different types of claw machines out there.

Have you ever really wanted a specific prize and actually won it? What has been your favorite prize so far?
There have been times when we have really wanted a specific prize, but the only one that comes to mind is when Crystal wanted a Smeagol/Gollum plush. Smeagol/Gollum is her favorite character from the Lord of the Rings franchise. We spotted one in a claw machine one day and Crystal had to win it. As for our favorite prizes, my favorite prize is probably the YETI cup we won from a claw machine. Crystal’s favorite prize is a pre-lit cherry blossom tree we won from an arcade.

Angel – Crystal gifted you a drone for Christmas! Can we expect this footage to be in your vlogs anytime soon?
Definitely! I hope to fly the drone in future videos. I am still in the process of finding out all the laws about when and where I am able to fly the drone. 

Crystal – What does the future hold for your Cute Cuddly Cris channel?
Last year, I didn’t upload very much due to a hectic schedule, however I am hoping to upload more frequently this year. You can expect to see crafting, DIY, vlogs, and lot more in the future!

What can we expect from both the Plush Time Wins and Plush Time Vlogs channels in 2017?
We intend to travel quite a bit this year. We have plans to introduce a couple new video series’ to our PTW channel as well as vlog our way as we travel. 2017 should be our greatest year yet!

Will you be traveling any time soon for your viewers to potentially meet you? 
We actually plan on doing a ton of traveling this year. We recently posted a video talking about all our travel plans for 2017. Canada, Japan, France, and England are some of our bigger destinations. We also plan to visit a few states that we have never been to as well this year.

You recently hit 500k+ subscribers, CONGRATULATIONS! What is your message to all of your viewers and supporters?
We would like to thank each and every individual who watches our videos. Without all our wonderful supporters we would not be where we are today. Thank you ALL!


  1. WOW i was actually waiting for the moment you guys were going to interview Plush Time Wins. this is great!!

  2. My name is Ty and love Crystal and Angels gigantic prize room in their house. You guys are so cool.

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  4. My name Ty and love crystal and angels
    gigantic prize room in their house. You guys are
    so cool.

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