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Fresh, young and bright is what Arabella, aka ThatsBella, brings to the table. Our obsession over Bella’s channel began when we came across her videos of her interviews with some of the Philippines’ most popular celebrities. Being celebrity interviewers ourselves, we know how overwhelming and exciting it can get when you’re talking to one of your faves, so it was nice to see a calm and collected composure in which Bella kept during these awesome interviews. Video after video, we ended up watching her entire channel which includes: beauty tutorials, monthly favorites, challenge videos and vlogs. ThatsBella quickly became one of our favorite YouTubers, and it seems like we’re not the only ones who feel this way – she’s recently been nominated as “YouTube Personality” for Influence Asia 2017! Bella is quickly rising to the top and we have no doubt she’ll be doing some even more amazing things this year. We got the opportunity to chat with Bella as she gave us an EXCLUSIVE interview! Check it out!

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Arambulo Live: What inspired you to make your own YouTube channel?
Bella: I started watching Youtube videos about fashion, lifestyle, beauty and DIY when I was 12 years old.  I was so fascinated by how these Youtubers make their own videos—from conceptualizing, to filming, to editing.  I got so inspired and so motivated that I then found myself wanting to learn the craft.  My channel came as a surprise to many because I am naturally shy and timid.  My desire to be more confident about myself inspired me to pursue my YouTube channel.  YouTube has taught me how to express myself more and how to go out of my comfort zone. 
AL: You have great videos where you have gotten to interview many local celebrities. Who made you the most nervous and which interview was your favorite?
B: I had the chance to do a behind the scenes of Daniel Padilla’s concert in Manila.  I prepared a lot of questions for him but managed to ask just 2 because I got so nervous! It was my first time to interview an actor and he was no ordinary actor, he is DANIEL PADILLA!  I couldn’t look at him straight in the eye, my cheeks turned red and I was really shaking!
AL: Your channel gives such a relatable and youthful vibe through your makeup tutorials, hauls and DIYs.  Which specific video was your favorite to film and why?
B: I don’t have any favorite in my video as I always put so much love and effort in all my videos, but I definitely love filming sit-down videos like monthly favorites and hauls because it really feels like I’m talking to my #BellaFam. These can sometimes be time consuming to film, but I still love to film these kinds of videos.
AL: If you had the chance to collaborate with any YouTuber, who would it be and what would you do?
B: If given the chance, I would love to collaborate with one of my favorite YouTubers, Alisha Marie. I have watched every single video of hers!  I love her so much!  I adore her bubbly and fun personality.  I’m going to LA this summer and I’m hoping and really praying that I get to meet her.   A challenge video with her would be really fun and exciting!  It’s free to dream, right? 🙂
AL: Being one of the younger content creators in the Philippines, do any of your ‘Ates’ and ‘Kuyas’ give you advice on the industry?
B: I consider Wil Dasovich (Tsong & Tsonggo) my Kuya in the industry because he treats me like family.  He is so genuine and so warm.  He gives me a lot of advice and tips on how to be successful in our field.  He is very supportive of me and I will be forever grateful. 
AL: Can you give 5 fun facts about yourself?

  • I get a lot of bashing about my full lips and eye bags, but what can I do, I got them since birth!  (lol!)
  • When I was a child, I was a cry baby.  I cried about almost anything.
  • I don’t like pasta with red sauce.
  • I thought “pawnshop” was where you buy prawns. (lol!)
  • I’m afraid of lizards.

AL: A message to your dedicate viewers and growing audience?
B: I want to thank my #BellaFam for the endless love and support. I am truly humbled and so overwhelmed. I wouldn’t be here without you guys. You’re all amazing!  I love you all!!

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  1. Great interview. It’s nice to see na arambulo live is tapping into their Filipino roots by interviewing lots of pinoy celebs lately. Enjoyed your interview with Wil Dasovich too frm last year

  2. Eyebags and lips?!But why?! What the.
    Anyway, I can’t wait to see you grow and mature, Bella. Oh, and please move around some more in your vids. Go crazy like Pamela Swang, Sweng, Swung, Swong.

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