conan gray releases official ‘checkmate’ music video

At only 20 years old, singer/songwriter/creator, Conan Gray, has cultivated the classic teen spirit through his music. Conan started off his career on YouTube as he shared his charming personality and nostalgic aesthetic. He now is thriving with over 1.4 million loyal subscribers. 

It was clear to everyone that this young adult would make it very far in his life, as he manages to attend college at UCLA studying music and continues to create catchy hits to the fans at the same time. Conan has been touring all over the country performing to his followers, sharing both positivity and youthfulness to everyone around him. His latest tour, The Comfort Crowd Tour, is to kick off in October this year.

His latest release, ‘Checkmate’, focuses on getting revenge in a relationship and treats the concept as if winning a game. Conan states in his explanation for the video:

In the “Checkmate” music video, I finally get revenge for all the times I got played with in a relationship. If you wanna treat love like a game, I’m gonna win it. If you wanna cheat on me with my best friend, I’m gonna trick you into thinking I don’t know, then kidnap you both and send you to starve on a deserted island so you can spend the rest of you short lives alone together (just like you wanted). Cheers!”

Check out the music video for yourself and continue to support Conan on all his journeys!

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