lil nas x and bts’ rm collab – ‘seoul town road’

The immensely popular hit song, ‘Old Town Road’, has taken over the world. Singer of the track, Lil Nas X ft. BIlly Ray Cyrus, has been on the BIllboard Hot 100 Chart, for 16 consecutive weeks! The song has been remixed many times and the newest version is with the multi-talented RM of BTS. 

Both artists come from completely different ends of the music spectrum. With Lil Nas X, bringing in beats of country trap, and RM focusing mainly on Korean rap; the collab is unexpected, but the world could not be happier with its turnout. “Seoul” replaced with “Old” connects deeply with the Korean roots of RM.

The media has blown up after its release, which is not surprising. With a member of the world’s hottest boy group and current most popular artist in the pop landscape; ‘Seoul Town Road’ is another chart dominating hit.

Listen to it here!

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